The Hub Studio Space

Current Classes in The Hub 

Yoga with Shannon January 15 to February 26


NADA Circles Mondays at 4 PM


About The Hub

The Hub is a fun, inclusive, community-oriented space that is the go-to for workshops and classes. The focus is approachable programs that are tailored to individuals and designed for all types of ability levels. Specialized classes also have a practitioner on site to assist with students/patients according to their condition.

Hosting a variety of workshops and classes year-round The Hub facilitates yoga classes, chronic pain workshops, ball-rolling classes, nutritional workshops, and numerous certification courses. The studio is an open concept and has the ability to transform from a yoga studio to a classroom and more.

The goal of the new program is to bridge the gap between the medical and wellness realms and to offer doctor-assisted classes (like yoga and self-massage) that will support and empower those who are recovering from childbirth, surgery/injury, chronic pain, and the like.

If you are interested in renting the space or keeping up on classes email for more information

Up Coming Classes in The Hub 

Rise Above Pain ~ Starts February 25 at 3 PM

MBSR with Natasha Edney 

Contact or 250-354-3630


*Hourly $25     *Half day 4-6 hours $75     *Full day 4-12 hours $175

After hour rentals require a deposit for key fob access. A rental fee must be paid in full before rental access is provided. Tenants are required to clean the studio, returning it to the open concept floor plan before departing the studio.

Floor Plans