Tara Emery, Chronic Pain Counsellor

Tara Emery’s main focus in supporting the healing process as a chronic pain counsellor at RISE BC is to create safety while remaining empathetic to her clients’ needs. Her passion for working in chronic pain as a somatic counsellor has developed through her own journey with pain. Tara believes in the need for holistic understanding and compassion in a complicated medical system that is only beginning to understand the complexity and suffering for those with chronic pain.

When clients engage in somatic therapy with Tara they often observe time slows down, noticing mind/ body relationships with pain and imprints of trauma. Trauma is often held in the body manifesting as physical sensations of emotional and physical pain. In somatic therapy the focus is on supporting the health of the body underneath the symptoms. By using kind observation we can learn to live in the present moment and support what is needed for the body to return to its natural state of healing. We cannot change the past but we can change how the body is holding it. For more information see, openingtograce.com.

Working in a collaborative medical team, Tara’s counselling practice regularly involves our doctors, kinesiologist, and yoga therapist to help unravel the pain relationship in the mind and body. Tara uses scientific skills from from leading edge neurobiology and the latest chronic pain research to provide benefit to her clients and help them heal.

Tara has a bachelor’s degree in social work. As well, her certification in somatic therapy will be complete in October 2016. Her career began at a grass roots level doing outreach on the streets of Calgary where she spent five years doing mental health assessments and crisis interventions. In 2013 ago Tara experienced a painful and traumatic birth of her son and suffering a painful nerve injury. This led her to move back to Nelson and focus her career on holistic medicine and understanding chronic pain.