Dr. Kailia at Rise BC Wellness Centre Nelson BC

Injection Therapy Clinic

Please check with our front desk staff to check for available dates in Nelson. These appointments are not to discuss medication changes.  If you do not need in office injection therapy treatment, please book your appointments on the virtual clinic dates to allow other patients to receive treatment. Patient Intake

Virtual Clinic 

We currently use an application called ZOOM This can be downloaded as an app or you can go directly to the website. We will have set days that you are able to book appointments to come into our Nelson office to use a computer and connect with Dr.Kailia. If you feel comfortable running the program at home we can also accommodate that. There are a few family practices that have the available resources to help you with this as well but it is not always an option. When booking your appointment for the virtual clinic please be sure to let our staff know if you will be running the program from a different location then your home so we are able to contact you on time for your appointment.  

Opioid Replacement Therapy

Our addiction clinic is by appointment only at 101 Baker Street on Fridays. We are available both virtually and in office. Please check with the office about requirements of attendance and if out of office virtual clinics are an option for you. For more about our opioid replacement therapy click here For more about the opioid replacement therapy click here


Rise BC Wellness Centre will be restructuring as of September 1, 2019, but will remain open. Dr. Kailia will be taking a step back from his full-time practice to attend to family matters in Vancouver. Dr. Kailia will run virtual clinics for any issues that do not require injection therapy.  These clinics can be accessed at RISE BC in Nelson, from your home, or from your family doctor’s office (if they agree to participate). In addition to these virtual clinics, Dr. Kailia will return to Nelson for several days monthly for those patients requiring injection therapy. We understand that this will impact access to pain management services and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Please be aware that we will continue our attempts to recruit another physician to work at RISE and serve the Kootenay Boundary’s pain management needs.

What does this mean for your care and what are your options?

We at Rise will try our best to accommodate as many patients as possible, and we are still in the process of coming up with alternate solutions for you. We do not take this transition lightly, and to the best of our ability we will be there to help you.   

If you are currently a patient of Dr. Kailia’s who does not receive injection treatment and wish to be put on our virtual clinic list please let our front desk staff know.

If you are currently a patient of Dr. Kailia’s who does receive injection treatments please feel free to book an appointment with our front desk staff. If you would like to see Dr. Kailia in Vancouver, he would be happy to see you there.

Dr. Kailia has been training Monica Ander, who is registered in BC to practice Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Injection Therapy.  She will be continuing to offer injection therapy treatments in Dr. Kailia’s absence.  We are offering free consultations with Monica during the month of July.  Please let our front desk know if you would like to book a session.

We would be happy to refer you on to another physician at your request.  At the moment, the only other physician in the area offering similar treatments is Dr. Rodica Janz.  We will be happy to refer you to her but please understand that she has a waitlist.  If you research other physicians out of the area who you would like to be referred to, please provide us with contact information for that physician and we will send a referral letter.