Promising New Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression, Pain, PTSD and more.

RISE BC is pleased to announce “Ketamine and Psychotherapy” (KAP), an innovative treatment for people struggling with depression, chronic pain, PTSD and other conditions.  KAP relieves symptoms of depression, pain and even thoughts of suicide, often after one treatment.  Ketamine is a safe medication that is being used for this purpose ‘off-label’, as it is usually used in the operating room and the Emergency Department. In these settings, it has been used for decades with few major problems.  The long-term effects for depression symptoms are largely unknown and the risk of dependence or addiction should be considered.  As many individuals are reporting that they feel better immediately and requiring less and less treatments, ketamine is offering exciting new hope.

For more information on this service call to book an appointment with Tara Emery and Dr.Kailia