Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for Chronic Pain 

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for Chronic Pain 

with Tara Emery and Dr.Kailia

As Ketamine research is providing hope for treatment resistant depression we are also seeing increased evidence for use with chronic pain.  Ketamine, a commonly used anesthetic causes disassociation from ones body and sense of self.  This disassociation can feel like an out of body experience in which you are able to have space from pain.  In higher doses of ketamine individuals will report no pain for one to two hours and at lower doses pain is less.  After a first treatment with ketamine many people will feel relief for around fourteen days.  The treatments become less frequent and can be stretched out even further with other pain treatments, such as counselling, massage, acupuncture and kinesiology.  

Ketamine seems to be an ideal treatment for central sensitization, chronic pain conditions, neuralgia, fibromyalgia and chronic regional pain syndrome.  These conditions are related to a stressed or hypersensitive nervous system.  When we have a stressed nervous system this wears our body and our mind down; 

we feel on alert all the time, we become sick easily, we feel chronically exhausted, we start developing increased areas of pain, we may gain or loose too much weight, and mostly we CAN NOT RELAX! 

By disassociating completely from our body we get a chance to reset the nervous system.  Our sessions are held in a safe and supported therapeutic environment allowing for a slow re-integration into the body.  While we track this body integration we can bring awareness to holding patterns and areas of tension to be released.  Although pain may return to the body again we are able to explore this with a sense of spaciousness and relaxation.  When we are able to utilize this awareness we are actually changing our brain and turning down the pain alarm system.  Treatments seem to become less and less over a 6 month period when combined with counselling.  Following the six month treatment period only an occasional treatment is often required.  This is a new type of therapy for chronic pain but research is available with promising initial findings confirming what we are seeing at RISE. 

You may have also heard about ketamine troche or ketamine spray being used for pain.  This can be a helpful follow up KAP treatment or for a pain crisis.  A full KAP treatment seems to be most effective way to have long term lasting results. 

KAP groups are being offered through RISE for approximately $250 this is a full day treatment

One on one treatments are also available for approximately $360 this is also a full day

An assessment is required as ketamine is not right for everybody!