Embodiment Counselling Services 

About Tara Emery 
Tara has been working as a registered social worker in the medical system in mental wellness since 2009. She holds a diploma and bachelor’s degree in social work.  Tara started in crisis debriefing and mental health assessment providing diagnosis and treatment planning. After the birth of her son in 2013, Tara suffered a traumatic and painful nerve injury.  On a path of healing from pain, Tara moved to Nelson to study chronic pain alongside the RISE team.  She then engaged in the study of Relational Somatic Therapy (RST) with Mariah Moser in an effort to understand and heal trauma wounds.  
Tara’s primary focus is holding empathetic presence with her clients-offering a caring hand in life’s dark moments. In RST, the focus is creating a safe space where trauma and pain are explored slowly with support and resources.  RST is a body-centered therapy coming from the latest research in neurobiology. With chronic pain and trauma hyperarousal of the nervous system is common.  In an RST session use of meditation, touch, movement and imagery may be used to studying the nervous system for moments of ease and release of tension. 
Contact Tara for a brief consultation:
30-minute session with Tara $40 (for education, referral, or brief assessment) 
60-minute mindfulness-based CBT session with Tara is $80 
90-minute somatic therapy session $120